eCall is a European Commission initiative to save life and reduce the social burden of road accidents. eCall is a 112 emergency call triggered by the vehicle occupants or automatically which transmits a minimum set of data (MSD) and establishes a voice connection with a public safety answering point (PSAP).
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Interoperability and eCall service harmonisation are critical challenges for successful deployment and operation of the eCall service.

ERTICO and ETSI are joining forces in an effort to organise the first eCall Plugtests event at the innovITS ADVANCE testing facility at Nuneaton (UK) from 21 to 25 May 2012. The purpose of this event is to reinforce interoperability by enabling the identification of areas for possible improvement within the current standards at the earliest possible stage and to speed up the process of releasing products on the market.

This interoperability event will give participants the opportunity to check their implementation during test sessions in a dedicated GSM network provided by InnovITS ADVANCE.

In order to prepare and support the event ETSI is looking for technical experts for the following tasks:
•    development of a selection of interoperability tests
•    scheduling of test sessions for the event
•    technical support during the event e.g. for questions relating to the test specification test results etc
•    managing the test result reporting and evaluation
•    preparation of the final technical report of the event.
The skills required include an expert knowledge of eCall standards as well as a good knowledge of ITS and Mobile 3G equipment. Ideally the applicant(s) should be familiar with ETSI interoperability testing methodology. Working experience in interoperability testing as well as technical aspects surrounding the organisation of interoperability events would be an advantage.

Applications are due by 15 March 2012 at the latest and must be sent to mentioning “eCall Plugtests Event”.

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Original Publication Date: Thu 08 Mar 2012