The EU-funded Coordination and Support Action ARCADE  (Aligning Research & Innovation for Connected and Automated Driving in Europe) have released the first European map of demonstrations and testing activities related to Connected, Cooperative, and Automated Mobility (CCAM). This new feature finally makes it possible to get a comprehensive overview of the CCAM initiatives in Europe and visualise what is being tested where and by whom across the 27 Member States, the UK and EFTA countries.

The interactive map constitutes an important step toward fulfilling the promises of the 2016 Declaration of Amsterdam by the Member States, the European Commission and the private sector to undertake joint actions with a common goal to facilitate the introduction of connected and automated driving in Europe’s roads. It is also in line with the objective for better coordination as set out by the European Commission in the 3rd Mobility Package. “Mapping and understanding the CCAM R&I testing and demonstrations landscape is essential to identifying synergies, overlaps, and complementarities between initiatives and thus enable better planning and alignment for a coordinated and harmonised deployment of CCAM in Europe”, says Dr Stephane Dreher, Senior Manager of CCAM and Blockchain at ERTICO.

It is precisely with a view to promoting such coordination for CCAM deployment in Europe that the ARCADE project, coordinated by ERTICO, has created a Knowledge Base cataloguing information on CCAM testing and demonstrations. Today, the Knowledge Base lists more than 313 projects, approximately half of which are from the Member States. So far, 170 test sites have been mapped from about 50 projects and initiatives, classified by test type (public road tests, corridors, test tracks and simulators) and by vehicle type used in the pilots (shuttle, passenger vehicles and trucks).

“It is essential that all stakeholders and actors from the CCAM value chain contribute to updating and extending the Knowledge Base. The Member States, in particular, must reiterate their commitment to support the Knowledge Base formalised in the conclusions and actions to be taken from the 4th High-Level Meeting on CAD by providing up-to-date information on ongoing programmes and projects”, says Dr Dreher.

To learn more about the Knowledge Base and coordination initiatives from the CCAM Partnership visit the ARCADE website.

ARCADE project is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 work programme.