At the Munich Security Conference this February, NXP, Siemens, Allianz, Deutsche Telekom and IBM signed along with Airbus, Daimler Group and SGS the Charter of Trust calls for binding rules and standards to build trust in cybersecurity and further advance digitalization.

The Charter delineates 10 action areas in cybersecurity where governments and businesses must both become active. It calls for responsibility for cybersecurity to be assumed at the highest levels of government and business, with the introduction of a dedicated ministry in governments and a chief information security officer at companies. It also calls for companies to establish mandatory, independent third-party certification for critical infrastructure and solutions – above all, where dangerous situations can arise, such as with autonomous vehicles or the robots of tomorrow, which will interact directly with humans during production processes.

In the future, security and data protection functions are to be pre-configured as a part of technologies, and cybersecurity regulations are to be incorporated into free trade agreements. The Charter’s signatories also call for greater efforts to foster an understanding of cybersecurity through training and continuing education as well as international initiatives.

Source: NXP