Are you interested in automated mobility? Then the 2nd European Conference on Connected and Automated Driving: Europe takes the lead (EUCAD 2019) taking place next week (2-3 April) is just the event for you!

Since 2018, EUCAD has been bringing together policy makers, high-level representatives of industry, road authorities, researchers and innovators to discuss challenges and opportunities related to connected and automated mobility. It is a platform to share and review the latest developments and deployment of connected and automated driving technologies.

At EUCAD 2019, you will learn more about the current state of play of the different actions contained in the European Commission Communication on automated mobility. The event will offer an inspiring opening panel debate, five plenary sessions to address major challenges together with top speakers from the sector and your own choice of breakout sessions to delve into more specific issues.

Brussels’s AUTOWORLD Museum will host indoor and outdoor demonstrations and a social networking event, while a selection of EU-funded R&I projects will also present their work in the exhibition area of EUCAD 2019.

More than 10 INEA-managed transport projects will participate in the event and demonstrations at AUTOWORLD. To learn more about how INEA supports Automated Road Transport, have a look at our dedicated brochure.

EUCAD 2019 will be web streamed and you can follow live updates on social media using the #EUCAD2019 hashtag.

Source: European Commission