FOT-Net Data will organise an international workshop in paralel to the 23rd ITS World Congress in Melbourne. It will also participate in the Special Interest Session (SIS) “Automated vehicle pilots: challenges for data collection and sharing”. Have a look below for more information!

  • FOT-Net Data International Workshop  “Data sharing and re-use in Field Operational Tests”.

Organised in collaboration with the U.S. Department of   Transportation (Monday, October 10, 09:00–15:30)

This workshop will focus practices and initiatives in data sharing and re-use for FOTs. The following points will be discussed:

  • Successful stories of data sharing and re-use (mainly from EU and US)
  • FOT-NET Data achievements in supporting data sharing (2014-2016)
  • Future challenges and exploitation of the current available platform (Data catalogue – EU; RDE – USA)
    • How to support international collaboration?
    • How the next EC funded H2020 projects in Europe will tackle the issues of data sharing and reuse

The registration form for this free workshop will be available here soon.

  • SIS Automated vehicle pilots: challenges for data collection and sharing

(Date and time TBD)

Companies and research organizations are developing large-scale FOTs and Pilots for automated vehicles. The open research questions to be answered by FOTs will take into account several aspects: not only the functional one but also those related to the wide societal impact. This will require the collection a massive amount of data and several issues have to be faced: data acquisition (e.g. standard format and the related attributes) and analysis have to be efficiently to support the assessment. In addition, data sharing practices should be considered to improve significance, comparability and transferability of up-coming FOT results supporting the involved stakeholders.
Capitalising on the previous experience (e.g. FESTA methodology), the proposed session aims to discuss the next challenges highlighting the research needs and possible solutions. The following questions will be discussed: How to perform data collection and analyse data? How to evaluate the impact and foster data sharing?

To participate in this session, you need to register to the ITS World Congress 2016.

About ITS World Congress 2016

logoThe World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) facilitates and influences global cross-talk of technologies and services towards making the full deployment of intelligent transport systems a smart and sustainable reality. Held each year in a different global location, the World Congress is an international meeting regularly attracting 10,000+ attendees, rotating through Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific. The last World Congress held in Australia was hosted by Sydney in 2001.

ITS Australia will be hosting the 23rd ITS World Congress in Melbourne in 2016 on behalf of ITS Asia Pacific, ITS America and ERTICO. “ITS—Enhancing Liveable Cities and Communities” is the theme for the Congress, bringing Melbourne’s reputation as the world’s most liveable city into the spotlight as we explore the benefits that ITS delivers to critical elements of our daily life.

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