Four electric delivery trucks from Dutch freight company Cargohopper have saved 7 000 litres of petrol since they began operating in Amsterdam in March 2014.

‘We are pleased with this result,’ said Cargohopper director Ron Klein Tiessink. ‘So far it has proven a successful concept for Cargohopper and we may continue for years. Eventually, a second fleet and longer routes may be possible.’

The trucks have delivered over one million kilograms of cargo since they were launched. The estimated saving in CO2 emissions it thought to be approx. 18 400kg.

Klein Tiessink highlighted the need for more truck manufacturers to produce low-carbon vehicles and said that a reduction in price may be necessary for other freight companies to purchase an electric fleet.

First developed for shipping large quantities of goods, the Cargohopper vehicles have expanded to include smaller deliveries and removals. Beginning in 2009 in Utrecht and Enschede, Cargohopper expanded to the Dutch capital last year.

In addition to being emissions-free, Cargohopper trucks are smaller and quieter than traditional delivery vehicles, making them better-suited for use in urban areas.


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