Gemalto has won the Juniper Research 2015 Award for Digital Payments for its Allynis Trusted Services Hub (TSH), a turnkey solution that helps banks, processors and other issuers to efficiently deploy secure mobile payment solutions across diverse networks and devices.

Juniper Research recognized Gemalto’s impactful business approach with this solution that simplifies the implementation of mobile payment services via a single connection to the hub.

The TSH delivers payment credentials onto the secure element or directly on the device using tokenization.  It works on all available security frameworks such as HCE, SIM, eSE, TEE so issuers can achieve maximum reach whatever their strategy and security needs.

Juniper was looking for companies who have actively contributed to driving the growth of mobile commerce in the past year and are set to have an impact on the future”, said Dr. Windsor Holden from Juniper Research. “The analysis carried out by our panel of experts found that Gemalto’s Allynis Trusted Services Hub answers the need of issuers to have a single connection for mobile payment services as well as simplifying the enrollment and usability for customers.”

“We are honored to receive Juniper’s recognition of Gemalto’s unique vision to build an independent hub for issuers, processors and OEMs to bring secure mobile and online payment services to their entire customer base,” said Jean-Claude Deturche, Senior Vice President for Mobile Financial Services at Gemalto. “The Gemalto award-winning solution is already helping banks, mobile operators and OEMs to boost adoption of mobile commerce services.”​

Original source: Gemalto