Startup Glamping Hub, which offers a platform for travelers to book “glamorous camping” accommodations, has announced a $1 million Series A.

The round was led by international venture firm Axon Partners, which invested from its fund dedicated to Spanish digital startups, ICT II Fund. While Glamping Hub was founded in San Franscisco in 2012, its development team is based in Seville, Spain.

The startup will use this cash infusion to boost the brand in the United States, focus on the mobile experience, and build the service globally through a multi-language effort.

Areas of expansion for Glamping Hub given the financing from Axon include increased branding efforts in the U.S., and becoming more accessible to a multi-language audience and mobile market.

Francisco Velázquez, President of Axon said in announcing the news:

We are constantly looking for the next trend in the digital space. Now that traveling is much more accessible for everyone, people are starting to look for something different and that’s where Glamping Hub comes in.

The importance of supporting local entrepreneurs and talent was also a key driver in Axon’s partnership.

Glamping Hub is attracting international talent to Spain, and has a young and passionate team with vast international experience in the hospitality sector. The company is leading a growing niche market that can be maximised by leveraging its strong metrics and track record.

Also in the announcement, CEO David Troya talked more about the partnership.

Something that we are really happy about is having Axon on our side from here on. Axon’s valuable investment experience with digital companies and commitment to explore new markets are crucial to our growth. It is the kind of partnership that will allow us to focus on performance and strengthen our brand.

Experiential travel is on the rise and we are a reference in this sector. Our demographic is more interested in purchasing experiences rather than assets.

Check out Glamping Hub here.

Original author: Nick Vivion