An eCall/HeERO workshop entitled “Moving towards an integrated Europe” – Pan-European eCall service in the HeERO countries” was held on 12-13 December 2013 in Budapest – organised by the Hungarian Ministry of National Development, the ITS Hungary Association, ERTICO – ITS Europe and HeERO project.

Keynote speakers of the event were from Hungarian side Mr Péter Tóth, Deputy Head of Department from the Hungarian Ministry of National Development and Mr Lajos Szűcs, President of ITS Hungary Association and from the side of the international organisations Mr Andy Rooke, Project-coordinator from ERTICO – ITS Europe, Mr Juhani Jääskeläinen Senior Adviser to Director-General from DG CONNECT, and Mr Seppo Öörni from the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications.



After the Opening Session professional presentations were given within three Scientific Sessions by the Hungarian experts and by the experts of other countries participating in HeERO project.

The workshop gave an excellent possibility for the Hungarian experts to be informed of European achievements, results and also of European efforts in this special field.

Due to the presentations of the Hungarian speakers the Hungarian efforts, studies and pilot project carried out in recent months/years regarding the deployment and effects of eCall were also presented. General perception was that Hungarian achievements reflect strong commitments of Hungary regarding the eCall service and Hungary’s intention to be actively represented in HeERO project in the future.

The event was very successful, about 40 experts participated on the workshop, 32 from Hungary and 8 from abroad (from Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and experts representing the international organisations).