Greece is drafting a law on alternative fuel infrastructure in order to minimise the transport sector’s dependence on oil and to reduce environmental impacts.

The draft law lays down minimum standards for infrastructure of alternative fuels, including recharging points for electric vehicles and natural gas refuelling points (LNG and CNG) and hydrogen.

It will also include technical specifications for recharging, refuelling points and requirements for the way in which information will be relayed to users.

The bill will provide for a ministerial order that will ensure that by December 2020 there will be a sufficient number of re-charging points for the public so that electric vehicles can move at least in urban / suburban and in other densely populated areas and, where appropriate, within certain networks.

In parallel, the same joint ministerial decision may also include establishing publicly accessible refuelling points with hydrogen.

This includes ensuring that by December 2025 there are a sufficient number of supply points to ensure the movement of motor vehicles powered by hydrogen for fuel-cell vehicles within certain networks, and including cross-border connections as appropriate.

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