The city of Kraków has launched its first car-sharing service where people can rent cars by the minute.

Traficar, which was rolled out at the beginning of the October, is a service that is accessible by smartphone and allows vehicles to be booked at any time.

The service provides two tariffs for customers: one that counts the minutes the car has been in use, and the other measures the distance the cars travel.

Traficar works like many other similar car-sharing services around Europe. A smartphone app locates the car and then a user can open the vehicle by scanning a QR code. The keys are in the glove compartment and the payment is made at the end of the trip.

The cars can be returned and parked in any area of the city, and customers can also park in municipal paid parking zones for free.

Over a hundred cars are already available for customers in Kraków , and in the first three weeks of operation the system registered over 1 000 users. The cars are used an average of 160 times a day.

A spokesperson for Traficar said that if the system is a success, it will be rolled out to other cities in Poland.

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