Athens demo site leader INFOTRIP demonstrated traffic information service

On 24 April Mr Makis Voridis the Greek for Minister for Infrastructure Transport and Networks visited the Viajeo stand at the Transport Research Arena in Athens. Viajeo Athens demo site leader INFOTRIP gave a demonstration of the traffic information service (flows road incidents etc) based on processed real-time traffic information taken from fixed measurements points (Athens Traffic Management Centre) and FCD (Floating Car Data). This service was presented to the Minister on the mobile application. Users can observe on a map which roads are congested or less congested and possible traffic alerts that may happen at that time. The aforementioned service is also available via web. For more information visit Viajeo website.

From left: Minister Makis Voridis with George Sarros from Infotrip


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Original Publication Date: Wed 25 Apr 2012