ERTICO Innovation Platform TISA (Traveller Information Services Association) has made publicly available guidelines on how TPEG (Transport Protocol Experts Group) applications can number the lanes of roads. The numbering schema allows TPEG applications to address individual lanes along a road and to have a more fine-granular location description.

The schema is applicable to all applications which are using the road network in a digital map. The map needs to support lane level information and provide at least the number of lanes for road stretches. The numbering schema was introduced during the development of the TPEG2-VLI specification and is also part of TPEG2-SPI specification.

This guideline was also shared within the Live Map Delivery Chain TF of the OADF (Open Auto Drive Forum) to align the lane related information provided by TISA, NDS and ADASIS: Lane ID convention harmonization. Furthermore, a lane reference harmonization exercise was carried out by TPEG and NDS experts of Elektrobit.

Click here to read the guideline.