ERTICO Partner Ubiwhere launches a new solution that combines the concept of shared economy with corporate fleet management technology to meet one of the most significant challenges faced by big companies: having a large fleet that, especially in periods of lower productivity, often remains unused and that presents no operating profit. The new version of Thumbeo Corporate will leverage the creation of a car-sharing marketplace between distinct companies, helping them manage their resources more efficiently and delivering a positive impact on the environment.

Ubiwhere’s response is to enrich its Thumbeo Corporate solution with a fleet sharing functionality to offer these companies the possibility of renting their vehicles to other companies lacking these resources and aiming to expand their business.

The solution incorporates an interoperable cloud platform for managers that collects and analyses data on the vehicles (fuel consumption, travel/maintenance costs, usage patterns); and a mobile app that allows employees to search for rides, book vehicles, report problems with them and easily register expenses associated with a specific journey or vehicle while giving employees awareness on the positive impact associated with their decisions.

The innovative fleet sharing functionality will boost a new business model for companies wishing to get involved in shared economy, where one of the most essential aspects is trust. Ubiwhere will use Blockchain-based Smart Contracts and integrate a new hardware component that collects vehicle data based on the OBDII/EOBD (European On-Board Diagnostic) protocol in an efficient, safe and decentralised way. As such, it is possible to support fleet managers’ tasks while ensuring trust to the owner company by drawing a profile on the driver and alerting them on potential issues with the vehicle.

With the new Thumbeo Corporate, companies will get a holistic view of their fleet, its logistic problems and obsolete costs, becoming capable of making their processes more efficient, affordable and sustainable while offering employees easier ways of organising their journeys and incentivising them to adopt cost-saving and environmentally friendly behaviours.

“Sustainability is the priority. That’s why we design and implement solutions capable of reducing traffic on the roads and cut carbon emissions. To make cities more efficient and greener, to make sure they’re prepared to offer people what they need to live happier lives,” said the representative of Ubiwhere.

It’s with both eyes on the future and a highly strategic vision that Ubiwhere’s solutions are once again aligned with the roadmap of initiatives and goals set by the European Commission for more efficient, fair and sustainable mobility.