HERE Technologies, the leading location data and technology platform, announced that Lyft Inc. (LYFT.O) has selected HERE Map Content and HERE Location Services. The aim s to power their location searches and real-time road closures data. Any ride made through the Lyft platform will come with an improved search database for places and addresses and even more accurate driver ETAs, thanks to HERE Technologies’ data solutions. 

  • Lyft has selected HERE Technologies as its primary search and places provider
  • All Lyft destination requests in the U.S. and Canada now use HERE Geocoding and Search services
  • Lyft to utilize HERE Real-Time Road closures data to provide more accurate ETA calculations

Lyft has implemented HERE Geocoding and Search Service, enabling riders to search for pickup and destination addresses and points of interest directly through the highly popular app. Lyft will also use the HERE Places Extract Portal, which quickly delivers new location data, and HERE Point Addressing, which Lyft uses for back-end analysis to provide more precise pickups and drop-off locations. The new features increase search accuracy and the customer experience on Lyft’s platform while keeping user data private.

“Destination searches and ETAs have always been a crucial part of the overall Lyft user experience,” said Ashwin Raj, Head of Rideshare at Lyft. “Using HERE’s search, our riders are now connected to a rich catalogue of addresses and points of interest, which are constantly updated and refreshed. HERE will also improve the efficiency of our marketplace, creating more reliability as well as a better experience for our riders.”

Together, the two companies are exploring additional ways to use HERE’s precise search and location data to garner more insights for Lyft riders.

“Powering more than a million rides a day, Lyft requires a robust and accurate search engine to meet the needs of each of their customers,” said Edzard Overbeek, CEO at HERE Technologies. “Over the past six months, we have worked in collaboration with Lyft to implement and test our robust destination catalogue that helps riders get to more destinations in cities across North America. Our services are now enriching the Lyft network, spearheading innovation in the rideshare industry.”

Source: Here Technologies