HERE Technologies has been chosen by Lotus and ECARX to deliver integrated navigation services to the recently launched Lotus ELETRE, the automaker’s first pure electric hyper-SUV. HERE Navigation is a software-as-a-service, cloud-native navigation solution for connected vehicles. The HERE solution cuts automotive development and lifecycle costs by offering innovative, turn-key functionalities – including online and offline search, real-time traffic, and turn-by-turn voice guidance.

With HERE Navigation, the Lotus ELETRE’s navigation experience can be updated over-the-air, ensuring that drivers have access to the very latest version. Additionally, Lotus and ECARX are using the HERE Software Development Kit (SDK) to integrate HERE Navigation into the Lotus Hyper OS mobile application for drivers to have an end-to-end navigation experience, inside and outside the vehicle.

Electric Vehicle (EV) range anxiety – the fear of running out of energy on a journey and not being able to find a charging point – is one of the major barriers to large-scale consumer adoption of electric vehicles. Lotus is mitigating EV anxiety with its pure electric hyper-SUV as the first vehicle in Europe to offer EV Routing, EV Range Assistant and Predictive Routing through HERE Navigation.

HERE EV Routing is tailored for the Lotus ELETRE’s battery consumption model to deliver the optimal route while minimizing the number of charging stops. HERE EV Routing and Range Assistant incorporate road topography, geometry, historical and real-time traffic data when calculating routes and battery range. HERE EV Routing leverages HERE EV Charge Points, a global database of EV charging locations, plug characteristics and near real-time availability.

The Lotus ELETRE will also utilize Predictive Routing that learns individual driving patterns, such as departure times, destinations and routes, to offer more personalized journeys. Predictive Routing automatically offers alternative routes or departure times based on real-time traffic and road conditions.

HERE Navigation runs on the ECARX digital cockpit head unit that has been developed specifically for the new Lotus ELETRE model. It is the first digital cockpit to run a dual system-on-a-chip that increases processing speeds to support multiple simultaneous applications.

“Lotus and HERE combine the full capabilities of a connected navigation system together with the unique Lotus digital user experience to deliver a world-class navigation solution,” said Serino Angellotti, Senior Chief Engineer at Lotus Tech Innovation Centre. “For its first electric SUV, Lotus would settle for nothing but the best, and with HERE Technologies on board, we offer our customers the best of both worlds while having the flexibility to design and manage the driving experience ourselves. We look forward to continuously updating our vehicles over-the-air, always providing our drivers with the freshest navigation experience.”

“We are proud that Lotus and ECARX have chosen HERE Navigation for the launch of their first electric high-performance SUV, the most technically advanced Lotus ever,” said Fred Hessabi, Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer at HERE Technologies. “Lotus ELETRE is the first vehicle in Europe to have access to such an extensive range of features that will help make EV anxiety a thing of the past. By choosing HERE Navigation with EV and Predictive Routing as well as EV Range Assistant, Lotus is setting new standards in innovation when it comes to navigation.”

“By working in close collaboration with Lotus from the earliest stage of the Lotus ELETRE’s development cycle, ECARX has delivered an advanced digital head unit that can support a range of applications designed to continuously improve the customer experience over time. The integration of HERE Navigation demonstrates the flexibility of the system to incorporate a range of driver services,” said Ziyu Shen, Chairman and Chief Executive at ECARX.

Source: HERE