31 October 2013

Hi-Tech Projects and SWARCO have recently completed a joint project in Salalah, the second largest city in the Sultanate of Oman. The goal of the project was to signalize the main street corridor in the city to improve the traffic flow and to increase the capacity of the city’s transport network. Hi-Tech Projects was responsible for the installation of the intersections, SWARCO provided traffic management equipment and software.

Salalah1 250px   Salalah2 250px

When the project started in 2011 only three of the corridor’s intersections were controlled by traffic lights. These were out-dated regarding both traffic light equipment and mounting infrastructure and had to be rebuilt with modern technology. In addition, 6 new intersections were equipped with modern traffic signal systems and a modern control room was set up to be able to provide adaptive traffic control.

The SWARCO equipment used for the project includes more than 400 SWARCO FUTURIT ALUSTAR LED traffic signal heads, 72 PUSHBUTTONS and 9 SWARCO TECHNOLOGY ITC-2 traffic controllers and SCC units. Based on video detection, SWARCO MIZAR’s OMNIA traffic management platform takes care of the intersections. Once further detectors have been installed the system will be able to operate in fully adaptive mode. Apart from the cutting-edge traffic management equipment and SWARCO MIZAR’s easily upgradable OMNIA software the solution also excels through its traffic signal layout and visual appeal, thanks to the experts at Hi-Tech Projects.