The third call for applications to the CIVITAS Activity Fund will open on 30 March, and cities and organisations are encouraged to start considering their application preparation.
The CIVITAS Activity Fund aims to support the take-up of sustainable urban mobility measures, providing up to 50 per cent in co-funding to successful applicants. In each call leading ‘pioneer’ CIVITAS cities share experiences and knowledge to accelerate the spread of sustainable measures in European cities. In the first two calls 25 projects from across Europe received approximately € 125 000 in co-funding for activities covering all the ten CIVITAS themes.
The third call focuses on the take-up of tools developed, applied, tested or evaluated within the CIVITAS Initiative, offering a total of € 60 000 in funding. Funding is available at four ‘take-up’ levels – being inspired, structural dialogue, studies, or systematic transfer. Different amounts of funding are available at each take-up level.
The Activity Fund is also seeking CIVITAS cities who can share knowledge and expertise on the use of such tools with organisations applying to the fund. The tools can cover any of the ten CIVITAS themes as well as other areas such as planning, evaluation, business models and exploitation. Interested cities can send an outline of suitable tools as well as a short motivational letter to until 16 March. 
Original author: Lewis Macdonald