Breakthrough in Denmark high-tech traffic technology to help Copenhagen become CO2 neutral

Imtech (IM-AE a technical services provider in and outside Europe) has secured its first order in Denmark. The high-tech traffic management solutions by Peek (the Imtech Traffic & Infra mobility specialist) for each of the 365 road junctions in Copenhagen represent an important contribution to making the Danish capital completely CO2 neutral by 2025.

René van der Bruggen Imtech CEO: ‘Imtech (Peek) has a large installed base of high-tech traffic solutions such as traffic controllers and traffic lights which are being used as part of an extensive upgrade involving the deployment of the latest technology and innovative traffic management systems. From this installed base we have succeeded in becoming the technology upgrade partner to the city of Copenhagen. In formal terms this means the first Imtech order in Denmark which is a breakthrough. An Imtech office is being opened at the same time to help us build on this start. This will further strengthen our position in the European traffic market.’

New generation of technology for 365 road junctions
The order comprises the upgrade improvement and maintenance of all 365 road junctions in the city including a traffic management system based on ITS technology (Intelligent Transport Systems). ITS is a collective international term for the application of information and communications technology in traffic infrastructure and vehicles for making traffic safer more efficient more reliable and considerably more environmentally friendly. It involves the use of the latest information technology for simulation real-time control and communications. The overall package of technological improvements will greatly contribute towards Copenhagen’s ability to meet its CSR objectives. An order has been placed for an initial phase of 10 million euro which will be considerably expanded in due course.

First CO2 neutral city in the world
Copenhagen is seeking to reduce its CO2 emissions by 20% by the year 2015 and to be completely CO2 neutral by 2025. More than 50 sustainability initiatives have been launched against this background for public transport the transport industry and the complete logistic ‘setting’. In 2011 36% of the inhabitants of the Danish capital regularly travelled by bicycle; the target is for this figure to have risen to 50% by 2025. The Imtech technology is designed to give priority to cyclists and public transport with the help of up-to-date travel information for example and the creation of ‘green waves’.

At present traffic is responsible for 21% of the city’s overall CO2 emissions but it is intended that this be reduced to 10% by 2015 thanks in part to Imtech solutions. To that end new high-tech traffic controllers will be linked to a real-time remote monitoring system that will enable the flow of buses bicycles cars and freight vehicles to proceed in a sustainable and safe manner. The aim is to achieve optimal traffic flow with as few CO2 emissions as possible. This technology is partly the result of previous successful European pilot and research projects – CVIS SAFESPOT and FREILOT – to which Imtech contributed significantly.

Active in the traffic market throughout Europe
Imtech is a strong player in the traffic market in the UK the Netherlands Belgium the Nordic region (Sweden Norway Finland) Central and Eastern Europe and is involved with projects in other European countries. It also exports mobility solutions outside Europe. The company’s objective is to further strengthen its position both in and outside the continent. Imtech is strongly placed in the urban and interurban markets the traffic management and safety market and in high-tech traffic centres. Besides this Imtech is active worldwide in the market of parking technology.

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Original Publication Date: Mon 23 Jan 2012