An assessment of economic and transport data for the EU Member States found that, between 1990 and 2016, investments in transport infrastructure had a positive impact on gross domestic product per capita (GDPC) for every type of transport, except inland waterways. In contrast, transport emissions negatively affected GDPC. The assessment outlined several recommendations to improve EU policy making and transport investment.

The transport sector is a major contributor to the economy as it provides services that enable mobility and access to amenities, employment and tourism. It depends on
transport infrastructure to provide basic physical systems and structures for people and businesses. Well-organised transportation networks can produce employment and wealth, and lead to economic growth. Yet, transport has several negative impacts such as polluting air emissions (e.g. nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons and fine particulate matter) that contributes to climate change and poor air quality as well as traffic-related crashes and injuries.

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Source: TRIMS, European Commission