Successfully implementing experience-based pricing can require major transformation of an operator’s OSS/BSS architecture – and the crucial element is intelligence.

In our series so far, we have examined how operators have generally considered pricing as off-limits as part of a strategy for profitable monetization, given the potential risk of entering into damaging price wars. In particular, we have looked at how a concept we call experience-based pricing (EBP) can potentially be a powerful strategic instrument for capturing value in the Networked Society [1].

EBP is about breaking down a consumer’s communications experience into individual chargeable components that can be packaged and priced according to the consumer’s required experience based on context. The second article in the series discussed how this might work in practice, and the potentially strong position operators hold, given their ability to control the consumer experience from the core network to policy and charging-based packaging, billing and payments, and consumer interaction [2].

This third and final article explores what is required to implement EBP in terms of operations support systems/business support systems (OSS/BSS).

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