From our long experience dealing with municipalities, large and small, we found that the key obstacle is not lack of resources or willing, but rather proper understanding of the whole idea of smart and sustainable cities, their nature and key distinctions and benefits for the city and its citizens. 

Currently, there are dominating narrow technical visions of future cities and intelligent communities, which the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cites and Communities is to overcome.

We developed a guide and roadmap, as the Smart and Sustainale City “X” Program, for decision makers, mayors, city managers and city councils, showing that to become smart, sustainable and inclusive is the future of any modern city or new community.

Three key factors are featured to come on the track of smart and sustainable urban development:

1. City councils is to adopt the strategic comprehensive and holistic vision of sustainable city

2. City is to be remodeled as a sustainable smart ecosystem of urban system, economic system, social system and governance system

3. City is to be run by a centralized intelligent management platform distributed via the internet of things or M2M communication networks

In all, Smart City “X” Development Strategy outlines how to build a new city or transform legacy cities, from Adelaide to Peking to Moscow to London to Washington, as fully sustainable territorial smart ecosystems. For more info, please download the attached content and refer to the link on Sustainable City: Living on the Intelligent Platform:



Original author: asha