This month ERTICO presented the first two in a series of webinars – a new i-Mobility Network initiative aiming to explore an ITS issue in depth.

The first webinar took place on Friday 10 December on the topic of “Bringing Research to Deployment: Urban energy efficiency pilots for commercial vehicles” where the three speakers – Zeljko Jeftic (Project Coordinator – FREILOT ERTICO) Gert Blom (Strategic Advisor Mobility City of Helmond) and David Rylander (ITS Specialist Volvo) presented current results from the FREILOT pilot phase presently ongoing and introduced  a newly started pilot project COSMO. They further discussed how ITS research can be turned into sustainable and successful ITS deployment. During the webinar the participants were asked several questions. One of the outcomes is that a vast majority of the participants believe that the CIP (Competitiveness and Innovation Programme) initiated by the European Commission is a good way to support deployment of new ITS solutions.


(From left: Zeljko Jeftic Project Coordinator FREILOT ERTICO; David Rylander ITS Specialist Volvo; Gert Blom Strategic Advisor Mobility City of Helmond)

The second webinar took place on Thursday 16 December on the topic “Road Safety Attributes Exchange: Public-private cooperation“. The webinar addressed the challenge of road safety in terms of the lack of real-time road safety information which could be used by road authorities and for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) in Europe. One solution to this challenge has been tested by the ROSATTE project.  Speakers Maxime Flament (Head of Sector – SafeMobility ERTICO – ITS Europe) Stephen T’Siobbel (TomTom CPU) and Trond Hovland (ITS Norway) presented the ROSATTE project final results together with an introduction to the forthcoming ROSATTE forum activities.


(Maxime Flament Head of Sector Safe Mobility ERTICO)

The webinar series will continue in January 2011 on the topic of “Cooperation needs on Field Operational Tests” – please check the webinar timetable regularly at: All webinars will be stored as part of the i-Mobility library.


(FREILOT pilot launch Helmond The Netherlands)




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Original Publication Date: Thu 16 Dec 2010