Technical SessionTP43 – Technology Innovation and Development
Meeting Room 203
12 October 2016

During this Technical Session a paper prepared by Harold Linke, HITEC Luxembourg, and I_HeERO partner, will be presented. The paper is called “Requirements for Next Generation 112 eCall”.

The European Standard eCall that will be mandatory in 2018 is designed to use standard GSM voice channels. This approach provides a very good coverage over Europe but limits the information that can be provided to the 112 centre. Future networks e.g. LTE and 5G onwards are based on IP technology only and no circuit switched emergency calls will be available anymore. Next Generation 112 centres (NG112) leveraging the new technologies are under discussion and new features will be integrated into the new Next Generation 112 centres. In any event, a migration strategy is needed to move from current circuit switched networks to packet switched networks at some point in time. This paper describes the background and the requirements for a European eCall that supports Next Generation 112 centres using IP technology. To read the full paper: ITS16Melbourne_paper_NG112_eCall_2016

Kate Yeadson, Senior Project Manager, Post Luxembourg, will present the paper.

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