ITS Observatory Special Interest Session
SIS31 “Ensuring the long term viability of ITS decision-support tools”
Meeting room 204
12 October 2016

ITS Observatory Special Interest Session will report the state-of-the-art of existing decision-support tools and platforms for cooperation. It aims to consolidate knowledge, information and results; to tackle fragmentation of and obstacles to deployment; and to answer questions raised by policy and decision-makers in the domain of mobility and transport in the three Regions.

Based on the ongoing European initiative for creating an ITS  Observatory, a one-stop resource for information on Intelligent Transport Systems, this session will focus on the crucial aspects of ensuring the long term viability of database platforms and encouraging the continuous update of the information. How to collect the information and make it useful? What business models can be applied? How can we create online information platforms without public funding? How can we guarantee the usability of online decision-support tools?

This session will highlight differences and synergies between platforms for cooperation and decision-support tools across the World by showing examples of successful initiatives from the three regions. It will look at success factors, obstacles and challenges, and will aim to define guidelines for creating efficient and sustainable knowledge resources.


Eric  Sampson, ERTICO  – ITS  Europe, United Kingdom


  • Richard Harris,  Xerox, United Kingdom
  • Phil Blythe,  University of Newcastle, United Kingdom
  • Marcia Pincus,  US DOT, United States
  • Steve Kanowski , Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads, Australia
  • Martin Boehm, Head of Mobility Systems & ITS Deployment, AustriaTech, Austria
  • Tom Kern, Managing Director, National Operations
  • Center of Excellence, AASHTO, United States

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