Garmin® International Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. (NASDAQ: GRMN), announced it is expanding the use of TPEG (Transport Protocol Expert Group) technology, enabling accurate and up-to-date traffic information to be readily available to customers with SmartPhoneLink, thus providing advanced digital traffic information.


Garmin started providing DAB (Digital Traffic information) traffic services using this TPEG technology back in 2013, it is now expanding the technology throughout the EMEA region via SmartphoneLink.


Unlike TMC, the new TPEG traffic standard not only provides ‘broader road coverage’ – keeping the driver connected to updates wherever they are – it also provides more efficient usage of traffic data. This new traffic technology gives drivers access to traffic information within 10 metres of accuracy.


The speed to which it is displayed to the driver is also crucial: with a 1 minute update rate, the driver will always remain in-the-know. This enhanced data, generated from the ever-increasing number of drivers on roads, provides crucial real-time information, on the go.


Worldwide coverage and reliability

Garmin Traffic combines data from multiple global and regional partners, amounting to more than 60 billion data probes per month from drivers and data sources all over the world. It covers a full range of road networks, from inner city roads to motorways – in more than 35 countries.


Accuracy and precision

The new Garmin Digital Traffic using TPEG makes the driver aware of the location of an end of a traffic jam, to 10 meters of accuracy. This precise information enables the driver to make fully-informed decisions about alternative routes and avoid congestion, whether it’s due to rush hour traffic, roadworks or accidents. Minute by minute updates Garmin refreshes the Traffic Service every 60 seconds, to ensure that its customers get the most reliable traffic data possible. As traffic jams are constantly moving, even 1 minute can make a crucial difference to the outcome of a journey (250m/1 min with a traffic wave of 15km/h).


The developments in Garmin Traffic have been a result of successful long-term collaboration with its partners, setting high quality targets and fine-tuning processes in order to continually enhance traffic service for its customers. Today, Garmin’s traffic quality has reached a new level, with even premium TMC customers benefitting from improved traffic models.


TPEG is the next generation traffic protocol, the new traffic standard and has the highest specifications for the transmission of advanced worldwide traffic information. Garmin is proud to be offering TPEG: a technology that provides the best platform for today and can expand to tomorrow’s developments.


Digital Traffic Information via Garmin SmartphoneLink™ will be available on selected models in Q4 2014.