Interview with IFSTTAR’s Scientific Director for Evaluation, Corinne Brusque, who managed the project

The platform, which has been undergoing beta testing since July, is now open to everybody. What documents are available?

Corinne Brusque: This bookstore contains all the documents published by IFSTTAR as well as those published previously by INRETS and the LCPC, in all some 1,250 references. This document collection includes, in particular, reports on studies and research, technical guides, test methods and conference proceedings. Since June, and without any publicity about its opening, the bookstore has already been visited by 500 internet users, not only from France but also many other French-speaking countries. To date, more than 600 documents have been downloaded. The documents in our collections are used by consultants, contractors and prime contractors when answering calls for tender, particularly the technical guides and the test methods that have been produced by IFSTTAR’s researchers – frequently in collaboration with the Centre for Studies and Expertise on Risks, the Environment, Mobility and Planning (Cerema).

What is your dissemination policy?

C. B.: IFSTTAR decided to digitize its document collection in order to permit the widest possible dissemination. Publications are available for purchase during the first five years, then both for purchase and free downloading (under a Creative Commons licence) for ten years. After this they can only be downloaded. Some 600 references are already available as free downloads. By the end of 2015 it will be possible to download the entire collection of documents that are no longer available for purchase.

How can we access this bookstore on line?

C. B.: The Bookstore section can be accessed from the IFSTTAR website. This provides access to the various collections via three types of catalogue: Proceedings; Study and Research Reports; Technical guides, test methods and devices, to which are added the special publications that are published jointly with external partners. The library home page also gives users access to contact details and an order form. Recent publications are also highlighted.


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