Last week, the IN2CCAM project launched its first Awareness Event in Tampere, one of the 112 Mission Cities. ERTICO is working on a number of CCAM-related projects, and coordinating platforms and mobility spaces that touch upon the many aspects of the CCAM spectrum. These include defining relevant standards, testing and deploying an optimal physical and digital infrastructure, and exploring solutions that address users’ needs. In this context, the IN2CCAM project, funded under the framework of the CCAM Partnership, proposes a holistic approach, considering all those elements to enhance the integration and interoperability of the CCAM ecosystem. Its six Living Labs across different European countries strive to assess the project’s CCAM services and technologies considering each location’s particularities, such as the users’ mobility trends and the existing infrastructure and traffic management systems.

Under the coordination of ERTICO partner LIST, the projects Living Labs are organizing a series of ‘Awareness Events’ aimed at showcasing the progress of their various Use Cases and demonstrating the real-world CCAM benefits. The Tampere Living Lab has been the first to organize an engaging and dynamic event hosted by the Finnish partners VTT (ERTICO partner) and Business Tampere.

An immersive experience on smart mobility solutions

Several project partners and external stakeholders, both local and European, were the guests of a day filled with demonstrations showcasing the Living Lab’s smart mobility services. Participants weren’t mere observers. They had the opportunity to test first-hand some of the cutting-edge mobility solutions under deployment in the Living Lab. This hands-on experience offered insights into the user experience and real-world effectiveness of these innovative services.

The day began at the VTT Office in the Hervanta district, the perfect ground for testing innovative transportation solutions. Business Tampere’s warm welcome was followed by a keynote address from the special guest, the City of Tampere, highlighting its commitment to sustainable and intelligent transportation initiatives. The city is involved in several activities to become a smart hub for sustainable solutions, such as the “Carbon Neutral Tampere 2030” roadmap and the Data-Driven City for Citizens initiative, to consolidate Tampere as a leading force in Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). Many of their services revolve around the tram network, a recent and crucial development in the city’s transportation infrastructure.

The next stop of the day was a visit to the VTT Laboratories, with a guided tour of their facilities and a presentation of their EU-funded projects and some of the vehicles used for testing purposes. Three scenarios are being developed in the IN2CCAM project: a GLOSA test with AV, which provides autonomous vehicles with traffic light data to optimize their speed. A second scenario focuses on Public Transport Vehicle Crossing for AV, relevant to ensure the efficient interaction between the city’s tram as the backbone of Tampere’s public transport and the AV fleet. For this use case, real-time tram location data is used to warn the AV shuttle’s safety driver to avoid blocking trams. For the third scenario, VTT uses AV sensors to detect road hazards (slippery roads, obstacles, stationary vehicles) and share them with other AVs and public transport management. During the visit, attendees could see how VTT Remote Operation Centre (ROC), which features a digital twin, monitors the AV fleet. From this spot, the remote operator can intervene in cases of need. They could also take a ride in the Auve Tech AUNE autonomous shuttle.

Watch the tram warning in action in the recently released VTT dedicated video.

While the demonstrations benefitted from a surprisingly sunny day, the Living Lab deserves recognition for its winter trials, which add valuable learnings on overcoming challenges like reduced sensor visibility and slippery roads.

The event culminated in a visit to Remoted Ltd. in Lempäälä, where participants experienced a ride on a fully automated, public transport AV shuttle already integrated into the Lempäälä schedule. This showcased both the practicality and public acceptance of these emerging technologies.

Tampere: A testbed for other ERTICO projects

ERTICO is closely connected to the city of Tampere, participating in all the municipalities’ current EU-funded mobility projects. Alongside IN2CCAM, ERTICO is part of the Management Team of the flagship project SHOW, with Tampere as a pilot site for the deployment of an Automated Feeder Transport Services to ​Light Rail/Tramline in Hervanta Suburb​. Tampere is also a trailblazer city within the ERTICO-coordinated project MetaCCAZE, which is developing innovative technologies for smart zero-emission urban mobility. Under the deployEMDS project, Tampere’s use case collects mandated ITS data and connects it to NAP to share it widely to enhance traffic management.