The third day, Wednesday 18 September, of the ITS World Congress, shines a spotlight on Urban Mobility (UM), with discussions centred around strategies and technologies shaping the future of mobility in cities.

IF 6 (Will drones really change life in cities?) will analyse which opportunities and challenges for our cities and their citizens come with unmanned aerial systems: Are they sustainable means of transport? Do they enhance our mobility? And how to manage crowded airspace?

SIS 52 (Leveraging crowd sourced vehicle probe data) explores the potential of crowd-sourced probe-vehicle data in transport focusing on road safety and inclusivity within communities. Crowd-sourced data enables insights into traffic conditions, real-time monitoring, and proactive warning systems to contribute to safer and more accessible networks. It specifically tackles emergency evacuation planning, equity and inclusivity and will take a speculative look at emerging technologies and the potential for better safety and connectivity.

SIS 48 (Global state of the art in mobility data exchange) notes that mobility today, mode choice, and route finding are for the most part based on mobility data. Data owners making their data available to others help to create services for travellers. Data provision from the public sector to private stakeholders is rather common, but additional benefits can be harvested if the private sector shares more data to others. This session looks at how this process is organised in various parts of the world.

TP 15 (Multimodal deployments) has several lively papers on multimodality, and we highlight two of them: Paper 359 describes a new way to consult potential stakeholders about the deployment of new transport systems such as on-demand passenger transport. Paper 364 describes the identification of passenger flow patterns within urban rail systems, an essential component of urban mobility, which have helped urban mobility managers understand patterns of passenger dynamics and adapt to changes more quickly.

Wednesday’s sessions highlight the importance of collaboration and innovation in shaping the future of urban transportation.

Join us as we continue to explore these dynamic discussions and developments in our upcoming overview of each day of the Congress!

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