The new PTV Navigator app makes the step from simple navigation to a convenient suggestion system

Current traffic information, free parking spaces and also savings on toll costs – in the new version of the Navigator app, the PTV Group are giving drivers a wizard in the palm of their hands which offers an extensive range of services in addition to navigation. The possibility to e-mail centrally planned routes to PTV Navigator ensures that planned and driven route really match. The Android version of the PTV Navigator app can now be downloaded for free in the Google Play Store with a 14-day trial.

“The trend in mobile navigation is clearly heading in the direction of assisted navigation,” says Michael Hubschneider, Senior Product Manager Logistics at the PTV Group. “With the new PTV Navigator app, in addition to better routing, we are offering the user a personal and individualised wizard, and with it, genuine added value.” The most exclusive new development offers the chance, for example, to include along the route the more than 15,000 parking and rest options from the Truck Parking Europe app. Through further innovations, current traffic information can be retrieved and routes planned even more efficiently.

Truck parking spaces Europe-wide on board

With the parking space data from the Truck Parking Europe app, truck drivers can always search for and find parking spaces. With a simple swipe, a selection of relevant car parks, truck stops, parking spaces and over 27,000 industrial zones can be displayed along the planned route. With a further click, the driver can find out additional information about the location and facilities of individual parking spaces. A further plus: the system also offers foreign rest options, without charging roaming fees.

“There are now no obstacles”

The new 9.0 version of the PTV Navigator app now also provides information about current traffic conditions. Detailed reports from the TomTom HD Traffic Service ensure that the driver is optimally informed about the traffic situations on his route so that he can better assess the arrival time and choose the most efficient route.

On the way to greater efficiency

The PTV Navigator app guides the driver exclusively on routes that are suitable and permitted for the individual vehicle type. “In the new version, we have made the route navigation more efficient,” Michael Hubschneider says, adding: “The topics of truck tolls and delivery traffic routes are completely new approaches in navigation systems.” The driver can use them to recognise where there are truck tolls on his route in Germany and Austria – and soon in the whole of Europe. The “Economic Avoid” option is new. Using this, toll routes are only avoided if the detours are also justifiable in terms of time. Thanks to an individualised configuration of vehicle and route profiles, the driver also has direct approach routes and zones for delivery traffic displayed.

Simple integration of centrally planned routes

With the PTV Navigator app, dispatchers now have the opportunity to send complete trips or even route plans from pre-calculation systems, such as PTV Map&Guide, PTV xServer or PTV Smartour for example, as an e-mail attachment to the driver’s mobile end device. With user-friendly menu navigation, the driver can load the route and start the navigation extremely easily. “This is a simple opportunity for dispatchers to compile trips optimally with Map&Guide and send them to their drivers,” Michael Hubschneider says. “And also, when specifications change, the driver can receive the modified trip on his navigation device quickly and without complications and react flexibly.”

For further information, contact: petra.gust-kazakos@ptvgroup.com