Indra will develop a global pioneering project for the Directorate-General for Traffic (DGT) to implement the technology with which the DGT will manage all the traffic in Spain and support road maintenance and upload it to the cloud. Indra came out on top with its technical-economic bid and was awarded the contract following an open tender in competition with other large companies.

Indra will implement the In-Mova Traffic platform on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud to provide a centralized, more efficient, homogeneous and secure service at the eight traffic management centers, thus reducing their hardware infrastructure costs and facilitating their maintenance tasks. The company will provide the project with its far-reaching experience as a technological provider of SCADA systems and traffic and mobility management solutions, endorsed by its presence in the DGT’s traffic management centers in recent decades.

The project also includes a video streaming platform for viewing closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance cameras, allowing access to third parties, as well as the recording and storage of video streams to enable the viewing and downloading of the images. The cloud Data Processing Center function will also be provided for the services currently produced by the Sub-Directorate General for Mobility Management and Technology.

The project will entail a qualitative leap in terms of traffic management technology, as the new solution will integrate traffic data by means of Floating Car Data technology, making it possible to monitor the state of traffic in real time, identify abnormal traffic patterns in order to prevent and resolve them, identify sudden drops in speed and the unexpected forming of congestion and provide travel time data on variable messaging panels (VMP), using them on an internal basis to conduct traffic and mobility studies.

The Floating Car Data technology provides these traffic data related to speed and journey times based on the information provided by the mobile devices (GPS) on board the vehicles. This information is particularly valuable in the case of roads that don’t have traffic equipment or network infrastructure, but which, nevertheless, may have a significant impact on the road network as a whole.

All the data incorporated into the platform will be processed and analyzed by means of a Business Intelligence module, which will allow dashboards to be generated based on a set of indicators that are designed to control and monitor the system’s activity in a qualitative and quantitative manner, thus supporting the planning and decision-making and the improved management of the system.

“We’re once again proud to work with the DGT on a profoundly transformational project that will provide it with traffic information and forecasts of unprecedented quality and put them at the service of citizens so as to improve mobility and road safety in our country. It’s a project that will lead to a more efficient management and maintenance model for traffic centers, while it will also benefit other entities, which will be able to access the DGT’s images more easily and more securely”, highlighted Berta Barrero, Managing Director of Indra’s Mobility business.

The new platform will be hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure, which provides the latest technology in terms of security, availability, performance, scalability and system flexibility.

Among other benefits, the In-Mova Traffic platform deployed in the AWS cloud will provide the DGT with greater seamlessness in the development of new functions, the option of incorporating big data and machine learning capabilities, high availability and security in the cloud and lower hardware and software infrastructure and operating costs.

This pioneering digital transformation project for the DGT will reinforce Indra’s position at the forefront of global smart mobility, and it comes in the wake of the project carried out by Indra to develop the MiDGT App in partnership with Minsait and the DGT’s IT Management. This innovative mobile application, which is, in turn, a digital driver’s license, a direct communication channel with the organization for citizens and a place for performing different official procedures and operations, has already been downloaded 8.5 million times.

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Source: Indra