After almost four years, the MODALES project has worked on different solutions contributing to reducing air pollution from all types of road vehicles, but especially Internal Combustion Engine ones. The project will come to an end in May with a Final Conference at the ERTICO Office in Brussels to mark the occasion. The project’s partners will present the final results and achievements of MODALES and use this opportunity to discuss how best to influence user behaviour in future to reduce emissions.

Air pollution is a major concern and priority of the European Union and governments around the world, and finding solutions to combat this environmental problem is therefore high on their priority list. Coordinated by ERTICO, the Horizon 2020 MODALES project tackles this significant challenge by proposing user-centric solutions to reduce air pollution and improve air quality, focusing on petrol and diesel vehicles and user behaviour. MODALES is the first major European project to examine the interaction of powertrain, brake wear and tyre wear and the impact of driver behaviour to develop recommendations for low-emission driving.

Achieving the MODALES vision of reducing air pollution

The work carried out by the 18 partners of the project since September 2019 resulted in several important achievements to help reduce air pollution. MODALES produced training videos for car drivers and professional drivers of light vehicles and heavy vehicles to encourage the adoption of low-emission driving behaviour. The project also launched in parallel a Low-Emission Driving Awareness Campaign on social media with the hashtag #MODALEStips to further promote low-emission practices. Available in 11 languages, the campaign provides simple tips for drivers before and when driving, along with advice on good car maintenance practices, and was promoted by several motoring organisations across Europe. All these recommendations were put into practice with the MODALES app for drivers, which was developed and tested in real conditions in the project’s seven trial sites in Europe. The trials assessed the effects of low-emission driving guidance on drivers’ behaviour. Paired with an OBD dongle, the app uses a simple interface to provide guidance when driving and after a trip. In addition, the project also produced recommendations on retrofits, the use of OBD (On-Board Diagnostics), and vehicle inspection.

Drawing to a close

MODALES will end its journey with a Final Conference on 12 May from 09:30 to 16:30 at the ERTICO office in Brussels. Project partners will present the final results and recommendations in the four key areas researched and analysed by the project, namely driver, retrofits, OBD and periodic technical inspection. The presentations will be followed by a panel discussion to conclude the event and discuss potential next steps. This includes technology, training and awareness, and legal aspects, including future opportunities with a changing vehicle fleet (electrification) as well as for different driver types (learners, professional drivers, etc.)

The MODALES Final Conference is open to all interested stakeholders interested to learn more about the importance of the project’s results for drivers, fleet operators and public authorities. Registration is free but required to attend the event as spots are limited. Register today here! You can find the draft agenda of the event here. The MODALES consortium hopes to see you there!

The MODALES project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 815189.