Infoblu (company of the group Autostrade per l’Italia) launches the TPEG (Transport Protocol Experts Group), the new commercial service of information on the traffic going on the DAB+ (Digital Audio Broadcasting) digital network. The innovative format of TPEG, combined with the wider broadcasting capacity of digital radio, revolutionates the present TMC (Traffic Message Channel) traffic service, broadcasted in a FM analogic technology.

“At Infoblu we strive a lot to make our services more and more reliable and innovative through the most modern technologies, this is the reason why we are proud to launch, as first ones in Italy, a service that converts the traditional GPS navigation device into a connected navigation device, with levels of traffic and the road events on more than 100.000 km of streets” – states the Managing Director of Infoblu Fabio Pressi – “The TMC turned to be a great success and Infoblu since the year 2001 is a national provider of this service that allows to receive the traffic alerts directly on the GPS navigation device. Today we keep on looking forward by following the transformation of the traditional FM radio that is evolving in a digital channel, thanks to the DAB+ service.”

The passage to the DAB+ digital network allows to increase the sound quality level of the radio by deleting noise that generally impedes the proper listening of programmes.

The TPEG, going through the DAB+ digital channel, allows the great advantage to make the traffic information arrive directly to the GPS navigation device. The average travel time of the streets collected by Infoblu, as well as the indication of potential accidents and traffic bans, become an information directly visible on the map on the on board device (the streets track will appear with the colouring characterizing the traffic situation in that moment: red for traffic bans, yellow for queues about to be formed, etc.).

Therefore, thanks to the TPEG on the DAB+, it is possible to obtain a “dynamic programming” of tracks, namely those traveling, it can also receive real time information that allows to avoid gridlocks and obtain indications for the fastest itinerary that brings them up to the destination with the relative estimate time of arrival.

GARMIN is the first producer that will put on the market the GPS qualified to receive the new service. The DAB+, already available in lots of cars as an audio channel, can be easily integrated in the GPS on board, without any extra fee for the data connection.

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