To tackle the problems associated with urban transport cities are advised to implement ambitious Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs).

However, cities also have to be able to forecast the impact of different policies and measures included in their SUMPs. Assessing this without expert knowledge can be a challenging and expensive task.

The free-to-use Urban Transport Roadmaps Tool, commissioned by DG MOVE, allows cities to explore transport scenarios that are practical, feasible and implementable.

This allows users to find the most suitable mix of policies and measures for their SUMPs and translate their vision on sustainable urban mobility into reality.

Users enter the characteristics of their city, such as its size and traffic conditions, while more detailed customisation settings are also available. Users can then select different mixtures of policies, and clearly see how the tool calculates the impact on different indicators.

In June 2016 the project organised a series of interactive webinars in English, French, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish to help users to become more familiar with the tool. Recordings of these webinars and presentation slides are available in each language through the project website.

The webinars go into more depth about how the tool can be used, the range of policy scenarios that can be explored, and the many outputs that the tool produces to better inform users of how to develop their SUMP.

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