Leadership, flexibility, focus and reliability: these are the core values that represent ETICO’s new Partner Indra, a Spanish global consulting and development technology company founded in 1993 which today is a global leader in Information Technology, with a focus on Spain and Latin America.

With more than 10,000 employees, 8.000 km roads controlled by its radars, 15.000 AVL in transport units at +100 operators, + 3000 air traffic control installations in 140 countries and + 3000 km of High Speed Rail controlled by its systems, ERTICO’s new Partner Indra is one of the world’s largest providers of proprietary solutions in specific segments of the Transport, Defence, Air Traffic, Cybersecurity, and Digital Transformation markets. Indra also provides a comprehensive range of high added-value solutions and cutting-edge services in technology to its customers, ranging from the Information technology, Consulting, Defense, in the Rail, Urban & Interurban, Traffic & Infrastructures, Airports, Ports and Engineer sectors.

ERTICO will closely work with Indra to strengthen its position in European programmes for Transport Innovation, in particular in ITS, assisting in the definition of European strategies to improve mobility and involve this new Partner in knowledge exchange networks, enhancing Indra’s market visibility and promoting intelligent transport systems.

ERTICO is excited to innovate tomorrow’s journey with Indra!