ERTICO is excited to welcome a leading specialist in Human Factors and Ergonomics & Interaction engineering to its Partnership: RE:Lab.  Founded in 2004 and based in the Italian region: Reggio Emilia, RE:Lab’s mission reflects a dynamic approach towards the design, development and assessment of the human machine interface. “From drawing to driving – turning ideas into working operational environments” is the company’s motto. Re:Lab’s proven experience in international collaborative projects in the area of cutting edge research makes RE:Lab a valuable addition to the ERTICO Partnership.

“In this dynamic and ever changing world, a persistence to drive forward innovation is essential to meet the challenges society faces. The ERTICO Partnership is a network of committed players with this mindset, which is why we believe Re: Lab will integrate so perfectly. We look forward to making a difference with them!’” Cordelia Wilson, Marketing and Partnership Manager, ERTICO

“With long-standing partnerships with OEMs and Tier-1 / Tier-2 suppliers, by joining ERTICO RE:Lab will have a great opportunity to strengthen its role as a recognized stakeholder in the ITS sector whilst bringing its industry-driven R&D capabilities to the network of ERTICO Partners. We look forward to actively starting this process and have already identified several proposal opportunities to which we can make a significant contribution with our expertise,” says Roberto Montanari, Head of R&D at RE:Lab. More recently RE:Lab has been involved in the ERTICO coordinated project  SAFE STRIP, which has a focus on the areas of transportation, mobility and smart mobility.

For further information, please contact Sophie Henkel, Marketing & Partnership Officer.