INRIX, one of the leading providers of data into how people move around the world, has joined the ERTICO Partnership. INRIX offers insights on managing traffic by analysing data not just from road sensors but also from vehicles. This new collaboration opens ERTICO’s network to another vital player in the Traffic and Transport Industry sector.

“As pioneer expert in traffic management, we are thrilled to welcome INRIX as an active Partner joining ERTICO – ITS Europe. With unique insights and experience by INRIX, we are looking forward to this close collaboration and taking part in the best practices of managing traffic. We are excited to discover this opportunity to build a larger network in the Traffic and Transport Industry sector together with INRIX as a leading provider”, said Jacob Bangsgaard, ERTICO CEO.

“We are delighted to join ERTICO and its world-class network of industry and government leaders to focus on a common goal – to develop innovations to make mobility safer, more efficient, and greener,” said Dominic Paulo, Senior Director of Public Sector, INRIX.

Founded in 2005, INRIX delivers innovative products for the automotive and transportation industries, such as real-time parking and traffic information and solutions that facilitate the safe testing and deployment of autonomous vehicles. We also provide new insights to various industries that can make better business decisions by understanding how people move throughout the day.

“INRIX is committed to improving mobility worldwide by connecting people, vehicles, cities and businesses with on-demand data and analytics. During this challenging, yet rewarding, time to be part of the transportation revolution, we look forward to a deep collaboration with ERTICO and its members to move mobility forward,” concluded Dominic Paulo, Senior Director of Public Sector, INRIX.

Find out more about INRIX here. To discover the benefits of being part of ERTICO and join the Partnership, visit the website.