123Following the presentation of a study on self-piloted cars*, the European Parliament’s TRAN Committee organised the hearing “Road Transport in the era of new technologies” to evaluate the latest developments in road transport. The event was held on 26 April 2016 from 15.00 to 17.30 in Brussels.

It consisted of two panels, one on self-driving cars and another on Intelligent Transport Systems and mobility pricing. Eric Sampson of the European Commission’s High Level Advisory Group on ITS and ERTICO participated in the latter one.

Prof. Sampson emphasized ERTICO’s support for the Amsterdam declaration and the need for a common European strategy on connected and automated driving. He strongly encouraged the organisation of more trials of highly automated freight vehicles such as the truck platooning challenge organised by the Dutch Presidency of the EU.

Prof. Sampson said that most of the technology for highly automated driving (HAD) was available; the urgent requirement was better understanding of human factors, the impact of HAD on congestion, better cooperation of automotive manufacturers and infrastructure operators, and a clear planned pathway from connected driving to and HAD world.

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Download Prof. Sampson’s presentation

*Download the study on self-piloted cars (provisional version)