Day 1 of the InterCor ITS-G5 TESTFEST kicked off on Monday, July 3rd, bringing together more than 15 international market players, including many companies from the automotive industry, to test a number of scenarios.

At the Rijkswaterstaat test site in Dordrecht, our particpants tested the basic functions of ITS-G5. In the nearby Drechttunnel they tested what influence an intermittent GPS signal has on the services.

Participants were enthusiastic throughout the first day as they discussed and tested the scenarios, while the sunny weather provided the perfect conditions for outdoor technical operations and a positive atmosphere.

On Tuesday, July 4th, more complex tests will begin with live road works on the A16 near Dordrecht.

A total of 6 scenarios will be tested over the course of the TESTFEST. An overview of these scenarios can be found here.

For more photos from the first day, see below or you can click here.



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