An I_HeERO promotional tour will take place between mid-September and end of October 2017 involving several European countries. The tour will highlight the road safety benefits of eCall for HGVs (Hazardous Goods Vehicles) as a tool to save lives in accidents and benefits rescue teams on the ground by providing information on load (especially if dangerous goods are involved). It will promote the use of digitalised transport documents like e-CMR not only for their benefits in terms of road transport efficiency but also for their added value for road safety.

During the said period, a rigid frame truck equipped with an in-vehicle system(s) (IVS) will tour Europe and stop in five countries: Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands and Slovenia.

eCall will be activated to stimulate a collision: a minimum set of data (MSD) will be sent by the IVS to an 112 PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) and/or PSAP simulator and will be completed with further information on truckload thanks to the use of the e-CMR solution.

A first demonstration was performed at the ITS European Congress in Strasbourg 20 to 22 June 2017.

The demo tour targets the road transport industry, European and national decision makers (MEPs, Transport Ministries, countries which have not yet ratified the e-CMR protocol), PSAP operators and rescue services; European, national and specialised media, and other relevant stakeholders.

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