InterCor recently participated in the third edition of the workshop series “C-ITS Deployment is underway!”, jointly organised by CODECS and the Amsterdam Group.

The workshop reviewed the progress of C-ITS deployment in Europe, gathering around 60 experts from 14 European countries, representing research institutes, authorities, OEMs, suppliers, cities and ITS associations, joined the workshop at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.

The main subject of the presentations and discussions was the latest progress achieved by the “frontrunner initiatives” (e.g. C-ITS Corridor, SCOOP@F, NordicWay), and the state-of-play on open issues in view of contributing to a “blueprint” for deployment to support interoperable C-ITS services. Furthermore, guest speakers provided updates on the latest C-ITS deployment developments at EU-level and the pilots contributing to the C-Roads Platform.

Fred Verweij, Rijkswaterstaate, presented the InterCor project including an explanation of the various C-ITS corridors involved in the project, the relationship with the C-ROADS platform and the upcoming TestFests.

For Fred Verweij’s presentation, please click here.

For all the other presentations, please click here to view all the presentations.

Source: CODECS

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