ASFINAG plans finances builds operates and tolls the Austrian motorway and expressway network which covers 2175 kilometres including 324 kilometres through tunnels and more than 300 kilometres per direction over bridges. Every year vehicles cover as many as 26 billion kilometres on these motorways and expressways. Austria’s primary road network is thus an integral element of its national infrastructure providing a convincing level of quality that millions of road users can rely on day after day. ASFINAG is a stock corporation that is fully owned by the Republic of Austria.

ASFINAG is a founding member of ASECAP the European Association of Tolled Motorways Bridges and Tunnels where ASFINAG holds the Presidency from May 2011 to May 2013.

ASFINAG is member of IBTTA the International Bridge Tunnel and Turnpike Association where ASFINAG’s CFO was appointed to the Board of Directors in June 2011.

ERTICO: Can you describe your activities in the ITS field?

Josef Fiala: ASFINAG’s vision 2015 is to be one of Europe’s leading motorway network operators with a special focus on availability information safety and promoting intermodality by interlinking with public transport. Intelligent transport systems and services play a crucial role in achieving this vision.
ASFINAG seeks to make a wide range of traffic information services available to its customers. Our aim is that by 2015 every second driver who uses our network will also use traffic information generated by us retrieved either via our own services (website apps etc.) or via third-party services (radio stations automobile clubs navigation devices etc.). ASFINAG is also involved in several projects to foster Car2X communication to deliver real-time information at the right time to its customers. For example ASFINAG is currently setting up a national field operational test in the greater area of Vienna. The aim is to equip the respective roads with test equipment and distribute Cooperative Services to some 1000 road users. Finally ASFINAG operates several traffic management centres in Austria. Main corridors are equipped with telematics applications such as variable message signs.

ERTICO: Why have you joined ERTICO?

Josef Fiala: Only well-informed customers are satisfied customers. In 2010 we took important strategic decisions setting the course for the traffic information services of the future. As already indicated the goal we strive to achieve in this context is that by 2015 every second driver who uses our network will also use traffic information generated by us. Besides the further development of technical solutions targeted cooperation such as our partnership with ERTICO will be crucial to achieve this goal. Only if representatives from all sectors agree on common approaches will we be able to provide the services that our customers are looking for. ERTICO offers a great opportunity for us to get in closer contact with important stakeholders to intensify cooperation and to take the right decisions for the services of the future.

ERTICO: What are your expectations for this partnership?

Josef Fiala: As already mentioned a particular focus in the medium term is facilitating roadside and vehicle-based data exchange. Needless to say cooperation with vehicle manufacturers automotive suppliers etc. is crucial in this context. ERTICO is the network of Intelligent Transport Systems and Services stakeholders in Europe. It connects public authorities industry players infrastructure operators users etc. We want to be part of this unique network to elaborate common solutions to reduce interoperability risks and to ensure implementation. Finally ERTICO should – and I am sure they will – support us in our discussions with the European Commission and other stakeholders in Brussels and throughout Europe.

ERTICO: Are there any projects activities or sectors that you are particularly interested in?

Josef Fiala: Indeed! Even if we are just evaluating all the projects and initiatives ERTICO is leading or following we intend to place special focus on “cooperative mobility”. Also ERTICO’s sector platform on “service providers and system integrators” has attracted our interest. Furthermore the World Congress on ITS will be held in Vienna in October 2012. Needless to say cooperation related to this unique event is a main priority for us. By the way I am very much looking forward to welcoming all of you in Vienna next year!

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Original Publication Date: Thu 22 Sep 2011