We invite forward looking innovative municipalities to join existing consortium of cities in for H2020 CPS Labs call, the deadline is on 22.06.2016. The experimental project implements holistic vision of urban processes in the community by digital transformation of available big data streams from open data sources, IoT and heterogeneous systems into novel information services for citizens, tourists, community management, local service providers and businesses. It proves a clear contribution to the citizen environment that previously was not existent, provides urban communities with better understanding of the new digital transformation options, barriers to access the developed technology, new business models in digital economy.

The project proposal is immediately available upon the request.

During the experiment the use case partner municipality receives own Smart City Monitor platform, installed on cloud server, Urban Model by ISO 37120 connected to local data sources, and multiple clients for administration and local citizens. The municipality is expected to presents its evaluation of the project results and vision of urban future at the public workshop in Vienna by the end of the project in 2017. The call supports practical prototyping of novel experimental urban ICT opening new options for Smart City projects in each municipality.

The municipality activities within the project are as follows:

  • Allocate 1-2 persons with knowledge of urban planning
  • Participate in the training which we provide to the municipality specialists and learn how to work with generic Urban Model by ISO 37120 during the experiment and transform it into the large smart urban model of your unique city
  • Support identification of open data sources in the city, its data content and connectivity
  • Assist linking the Smart City server to open data sources
  • Contribute to formulation and improvement of sample services for citizens and evaluate results of its experimental usage
  • Evaluate new options business models for municipality
  • Prepare brief project reports
  • Take part in the final international workshop.

Our work content in brief is as follows:

  • Prrepare, implementat and support the experiment
  • Train and support municipalities in the implementation

Welcome to consider the invitation promptly and inform us by 12:00 on 22.06.2016 (for this call) or later to take part in the other advanced practical projects prototyping the urban future.

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