At the European Parliament hearing on “The White Paper on Transport”, the IRU addressed the situation of road transport in the EU and made positive suggestions for the way forward. It showcased the importance of the sector for the European economy and its growth, as well as collaborative work to improve sustainable mobility through the European Citizens’ Mobility Forum (ECMF), its recent Action Programme, and the Smart Move campaign to double the use of collective land transport.

IRU General Delegate to the EU, Michael Nielsen, underlined that road freight transport faces problems as Member States adopt an increasing number of national measures that directly impact the internal market’s proper functioning. Mr Nielsen called for an end to ‘silo’ thinking and modal protection, thus allowing all modes to maximise their efficiency to create a European transport system fit to meet future challenges. He notably highlighted the need to support innovation in the transport industry, including the taxi sector, as well as the need for fair competition with all actors playing by the same rules.

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Original source: IRU