The City Council of Nicosia Municipality has announced that hybrid and electric vehicles will be granted free parking in the Cypriot capital.

The allocated parking will be accessible via a new card system that will be given to residents and companies located within the municipal limits of Nicosia that own hybrid and electric vehicles. To obtain a free parking card, drivers must apply via the municipality.

The Environment Commissioner of Cyprus, Ioanna Panayiotou congratulated Nicosia Municipality’s decision to implement the new parking benefits: ‘Cyprus has commitments both at European and global levels to reduce greenhouse gases that cause climate change. The shift to alternative fuels is a policy that should be strengthened. Promoting the idea of ​​a common policy response to hybrid and electric cars by issuing a national card for free parking is a great idea, which can play an important role in achieving the above objectives’.

It is hoped that the free parking will push more drivers to buy and use electric and hybrid cars.

Original author: Alexia