The 2018 ITF (International Transport Forum) is the annual political event that gathers transport ministers and the premier global transport policy makers. In May this year, the event will be held in Leipzig  and will focus on various topics related to cyber security, from terrorism to extreme weather disruption, from road safety to automated driving and of course, transport.

In this occasion, ERTICO will be discussing about cybersecurity in blockchain during a Focus On side event in collaboration with the MaaS alliance, entitled “Is blockchain the answer to cybersecurity?” on Thursday 24 May, from 12:30 to 14:00.

In this session we will discuss about how the increased number of cyber attracts has impacted over the years automated vehicles, connected transport networks,  integrated mobility solutions and more.

Discussions will focus on how much blockchain is or is not able to ensure the security and safety of the processes and supply chains involved in mobility and transport and how to facilitate various industry solutions. In the framework of its Transport and Logistics sector and Mobility as a Service, ERTICO will be present at this important annual event to continue its prolonged commitment to the development of innovative and safe mobility solutions and to exchange ideas and know-how with all relevant stakeholders.

The event is open to all participants in the ITF.