Just two years ahead of the 2021 ITS World Congress, the host city of Hamburg and the organisers of the Congress, ERTICO – ITS Europe, have sealed their cooperation. ERTICO CEO, Jacob Bangsgaard and Congress Director, Didier Gorteman together with Senator Westhagemann, signed a MoU that builds upon the agreement signed at the 2017 ITS World Congress in Montreal.

“The German ITS industry and research sector have always been very active within the ERTICO community. This is the third time the congress is being held in Germany, with the one in 2021 being the biggest ever. The strong commitment shown by Germany in supporting such a big event, makes it possible for ERTICO and the City of Hamburg to jointly demonstrate the deployment of ITS, not only within the exhibition itself but on its city’s streets as well,” said Mr. Bangsgaard.

The 2021 ITS World Congress will focus on Automated and Connected Driving, MaaS, Intelligent Infrastructure, Ports and Logistics and two additional topics: Urban Air Mobility and Sustainable Transport.

Mr. Bangsgaard particularly noted the importance of Ports and Logistics solutions for the city. “The City of Hamburg as host will surely benefit from the increased focus on logistics in the ITS industry and will be able to promote and demonstrate the changes that new technologies and services bring to the sector.”

The 2021 World Congress will also deal with topics within the field of Urban Air Mobility, scenarios for exploring use of drones and other urban aviation technologies. Sustainable Transport will focus on the role of low-emission and emission-free modes of transport and in addition to technological issues, regulatory implications will also be dealt with in both areas.

“Our mobility is currently experiencing the greatest change since the invention of the car. With the ITS World Congress 2021 and beyond, we want to set standards that make urban mobility safe, quiet, efficient and reliable. This includes networking, environmental friendliness, shared mobility options and many other solutions for which Hamburg is the optimal platform,” said Senator Westhagemann.

Mr Bangsgaard concluded by saying; “The organisation of this Congress is progressing at a fast pace and the City of Hamburg is working hard to guarantee a spectacular event, so it is definitely worth the 2-year wait: the best is yet to come!”