The Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITS America) recently announced the release of its latest connected vehicle technical insight report entitled “Fourth Generation Wireless Vehicle and Highway Gateways to the Cloud”. 

ITS America will present this report in a webinar led by Dr Eduardo Esteves Vice President of R&D and Technology Marketing QUALCOMM. The webinar entitled “Fourth Generation Wireless Infrastructure – Long Term Evolution (LTE) Advanced and Heterogeneous Networks (HetNets)” is on 14 December 2011 at 1 p.m. EST.

The report examines how next generation wide-area cellular such as 4G will be able to support vehicular applications and how transport infrastructure may mesh with wireless networks. Specifically it  suggests that over the long term vehicles will serve as 4G gateways that collect data from and manage and collect data from short range wireless sensors and other devices deployed in vehicles and highway infrastructure such as cellular fem to cells  WiFi Zig-Bee Bluetooth or even Dedicated Short Range Communications/Wireless Access for Vehicular Environments (DSRC/WAVE). Furthermore the paper contends that automotive electronics engineers will need to be cognisant of how on-board and off-board application data is treated by these vehicle gateways and by 4G networks and how innovations such as “traffic shaping” and “vertical roaming” may improve the performance of off-board or “cloud” – based vehicular applications.

This report and webinar series is part of the Technology Scan and Assessment project. Under a contract with the USDOT Intelligent Transportation Systems Joint Program Office ITS America is conducting a broad multi-phase research project. Overall the study will assess emerging converging and enabling technologies outside the domain of mainstream transport research. Launched in 2009 the project has completed five Connected Vehicle Technical Insight Reports and webinars on a number of technology issues and will continue to publish the series into 2012.

The goals of the Technology Scan and Assessment are to establish or otherwise validate or revise key assumptions in ITS JPO research and development programs regarding scalability security or safety of particular technologies. The Technology Scan and Assessment research series inventories new technology-enabled systems that may need to interface with future connected vehicle core systems utilising vehicle-to-vehicle/vehicle-to-infrastructure technology.

The Technology Scan research series covers technologies in within the science base (10 to 30 years perspective) or are in emerging (5 to 10 years) or pacing (3 to 5 years applied on trial basis) categories. Innovation in the information technology telecommunications transport and energy sectors is assessed focusing on technologies centered on efficient data and information flow from acquisition (sensors) and dissemination (wireless) to processing (computing) and management (decision support) systems.

To date ITS America has produced reports on computer vision active ranging sensors 4G wireless and machine to machine communications.  Future topics will include navigation and location aware technologies. For 2012 the series will examine of the impact of several innovations in computing that may significantly impact transport such as semantic web sensor crowd sourcing stream computing machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The Technology Assessment series highlights particular risks or uncertainties that are broadly understood to impact a number of sectors not just transport. In security these include global innovations in computing and design of secure systems as well as risk management addressing unique challenges in securing safety-critical systems fashion. In energy topics include global innovation in the development of utility “smart grid” and electric vehicle power trains and support systems and how they may leverage to improve vehicle safety mobility and environmental sustainability. ITS America will publish its report on electric vehicles in December 2011.

You can view the report here.

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For more information about the Technology Scan and Assessment visit ITS America website or contact Cherie Gibson.

This article has been published in cooperation with ITS America.


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Original Publication Date: Fri 25 Nov 2011