During its Board of Directors meeting last week the Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITS America) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the World Bank to formalise their desire to cooperate and exchange ideas about how transport technologies that enhance information capture analysis communications and sharing can improve surface transport safety mobility and environmental sustainability.

Mr Jose Luis Ingoyen Director of the Transport Water Information and Communications Technologies Department at the World Bank joined ITS America’s President & CEO Scott Belcher in outlining a framework within which the two organisations may develop and undertake collaborative activities to more effectively purse their respective goals.

The MoU formalises the intent of ITS America and the World Bank to cooperate and collaborate on a number of activities including:

  • promoting academic public and private sector exchange and joint research activities between the Participants;
  • delivering lectures and joint symposia;
  • the exchange of research materials publications and scientific information;
  • training and education;
  • implementing cooperative and joint research programs; and
  • supporting the development of harmonised standards that enhance the deployment of transport technologies.

Project topics might include mechanisms for public-private financing technology and knowledge transfer intermodal transport solutions standards harmonisation that have as their focus the role of transportation research and technology that addresses safety mobility and sustainable transport.

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Original Publication Date: Wed 14 Dec 2011