ITS Indonesia hosted the ITS Asia-Pacific Workshop                                                                            

On 25 July 2011 ITS Indonesia hosted the ITS Asia-Pacific Workshop in conjunction with the19th Indonesia International  MotorShow. The workshop organised by ITS Indonesia with the support of the Association of Indonesia Automotive Industries and other private companies was structured in two parts. The first part was dedicated to local attendees and focused on ITS outreach whilst the second part included an international  workshop on ITS development and experiences with the presence of representatives from ITS Japan ITS Malaysia ITS New Zealand ITS Taiwan and ITS Thailand.

In his opening speech Dr Bambang Susantono Indonesian Vice-Minister of Transport and President of ITS Indonesia stated that Indonesia has the second largest number of Facebook users and the fifth largest number of Twitter users in the world an important source of traffic information. He also presented some current ITS services in Indonesia such as Traffic Information & Management Centre Traffic Surveillance & Tracking System ATCS VMS and Bus Location System; he concluded by saying that PPP is important as the private sector takess the initiative while the public sector supports industry.

Blue Bird Group a major taxi operator in Indonesia stated that the 8000 taxis with GPS provide floating car data that can be used to improve the traffic situation in Jakarta. CIKARANG Dry Port introduced an electronic seal for custom quarantine and logistic of bonded goods. The system has GPS enabled electronic devices for the seal which is attached to containers. ITS Indonesia is the latest member of ITS Asia-Pacific which now has twelve members.

This article has been published in cooperation with ITS Japan.

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Original Publication Date: Thu 18 Aug 2011